quandry on whether to replace all my existing kit or not


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Jul 6, 2007
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In my living room I currently have a cyrus Hifi set up (prex vs, cd 8x, 8 power, 2* pxr power supplies), connected to a apple TV and a sony 32" HD LCD TV. My speakers a a pair of B&W P5's. (note no DVD player. that is in a different room with a dedicated home cinema setup. i only use the TV downstairs for apple TV.

My issue is that we have just had a baby son and he is starting to crawl and I do worry about him pulling the speakers down.

I am wondering whether to replace with a bose lifestyle 35 so I can wall mount the speakers out of his way and reduce everything down to a two box solution (bose +apple TV). This would also give me DVD capability in the living room.

am also willing to consider other ideas!


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