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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm in the market for a DAB Tuner. My current gear is NAD 325BBE Amp, NAD 525BBE CD Player and Monitor Audio BR2s.

There are two tuners that caught my eye. Cambridge Audio have got the Azur 640T available for £150 at Richer Sounds. Or for £300 I could get the NAD 445.

This begs another question. Most of the people reading this are going to have some nice kit. But is DAB even going to sound any good through the Hi-Fi. I mean with the MP2 codec and low bit rates except for radio 3. If DAB is gonna sound lame then I could pick up the NAD 442 Tuner which is FM/AM only for only £80 at Super-HI. What would you go for? Cheers for any help.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Denon TU-1800DAB, which you can find for under £200 with minimal Googlage.

But provided you don't mind investing in a decent aerial, and don't need to listen to the extra stations only available on DAB, then the NAD will give more than acceptable results, and at that price would be the one I'd choose.


Ive got the cambridge audio 640T v2 connected to my roof aerial, where the maine lead comes into the house, ive put a good quality two way splitter on the end, then connected one aerial fly lead to the tv, and then another aerial fly lead to the supplied lead you screw on the back of the tuner. Its as simple as that, and the best thing about it is, ive got stacks and stacks of dab stations to choose from with superb reception, no need for a dab aerial in my case. If you could get the same results as i got you would be well chuffed.


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