QD OLED vs OLED: which is the best TV technology?


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Dec 16, 2019
Think i notice Hisense or TCL have not got Quantum tech lets be honest it just a name to get guys to buy a new TV . How much better is this tech ? well unless it is at least 70 inch screen now a lot difference . And remember guys you probably looking at that screen 4meters away , from the TV . Another question yes there is 4k Blu ray DVDs and downloads now but nothing on 8k . Also look at the "Hz" the higher the better , 60 hz make no difference unless it is 200hz or more . Then the price zooms up . And why do guys put a screen on the wall. I never worked that one out . why such a big screen too ? In the real world of Sky TV and ITV/BBC those screens that size not going to make much difference at all . so are the QLED vs OLED vs Quantum worth all the trouble and money ? If someone wishes to throw £2 k on something i am sure there are better things than a TV oh yes your electricity bill which to me is far more important



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