Q Acoustics 1010i and 8 Ohm Amplifier ?


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Aug 10, 2019
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To cut a long story short, I am looking for a small hifi for the bedroom, and have decided I will probably go for on the Onkyo CS515, and Q Acoustics 1010i speaker, however this won't be for a couple of months. In the meantime I still need some music, I have a very very old (but working perfectly) Denon PMA -350 amplfier, I was thinking of buying the speakers now, they will be used with the amp, an Ipod dock and radio piped through a sky+ box. My question is will the speakers 'work' with the Denon, I am referring to the Denon output/Ohms. I can't remember but I think the Denon is 8ohm 2x40W, but I could be completely wrong and when looking for info online, I seem to get conflicting specifications. The speakers are quoted as 4 -6 ohms Could the I concievably damage the amp and (worse still) the speakers ? Any advice appreciated.