Puzzled by Panasonic model numbers


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Aug 10, 2019
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Having had my 79kg wide-screen CRT go pop on me recently, I got the nod from the boss to get something better, bigger and lighter (hoo-hoo!) I had decided on an LCD mainly because of price. Browsing this forum, other sites and my monthly What Hi-Fi, I settled on a Sony KDL-40D3000 having viewed it in the shops (cannot actually find a KDl-40W3000 yet). But I kept browsing while pricing the Sony and have now been "turned" to plasmas mainly because of quality - D.J.KRIME and the magazine are to blame to name 2 culprits... :) So now my problem: I've upped my budget for a Panasonic TH-42PZ700. A beautiful looking beast that shouldn't dominate the lounge too much. Pricing this on the 'net has raised a question - what is the difference between the TH-42PZ700E and the TH-42PZ700EA. I find no mention of the latter on any Panny web-site. I ask this because online stores here in Germany advertise both and sometimes not for the same price. Has anybody got an idea what the "A" appendage could mean ? Is Panasonic doing a Samsung a la Curreys, or does it denote a colour difference, or what? P.S. Stuck indoors with flu for 5 days has prevented me from asking a salesman personally, but it seems only online stores actually have the "A" version anyway.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Not the foggiest, I'm afraid - the UK versions carry a 'B' suffix, not an 'E', but having read all the way through the manual shared by the 700E and 700EA, I can't see any specification differences between them whatsoever.


Thanks Andrew for your time. I couldn't even find the 700EA manual so you found more than I could.