PS5 vs Xbox Series X: power, features, pricing and controllers compared

John Adam

Jan 20, 2021
I was hyped for most of these till I saw fable. Played all of them 3 were disappointing but 1 and 2 were legends. If you never played the original fables games go do so promptly


Mar 3, 2022
Here is a ‘weakly presented argument about the present state of play between the three ‘large’ home console players:
This is unique, most journalists miss a lot of the fundamentals, and sadly- this video doesn’t go into enough depth.
Unlike professional journos, there are no edits, no script and therefore it has ‘error’s and could hammer home a few more points (like ‘just how customised Epic made the PS5 chip to benefit Unreal Engine 5 ‘future’ capabilities)

whathifi presented a good write up, but it fails to present from a point of view of understanding the console ecosystems. (plays it safe: certainly NOT a fan of either platform= good unbiased journalism).

too many people out there determined to see some ‘on paper’ (spec sheet) numbers = a ‘war victory’… the only war should be for ‘pro consumers’, and hence decisions are SUPER EASY; even if most press outlets weirdly get it so, so wrong….

Sliced Bread

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Jul 28, 2010
Worth noting the age of the buyer.

I bought a PS5 for my 11 and 6 year old and tbh good quality age appropriate games are thin on the ground.

From what I’ve seen of the Xbox line up the selection is much more suitable.

Also worth noting Microsoft is running around buying up games companies left right and centre. If I was to buy again it would be an Xbox.


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