PS3 / Speaker Package


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi guys,

I am new to the home cinema scene, but would like some advice as not sure what to do!!

I have a 32" Sony HD Television, wall mounted, through which runs my HD sky and PS3 in a master bedroom.

I need a home cinema speaker system which will sound awesome with movies and games through the PS3 , but am unsure what route to go down, i.e seperates or a out of the box (need to build up slowly due to finances) set of speakers and amplifier. Do I get 5.1 or 2.1!? - very confused.

Budget for out of box is £500, or to start a seperates system off. Advice and help would be very much appreciated!!!
(I was looking at second hand BOSE systems on ebay .....)


Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
Well, if you want a fantastic all-in-one surround system that sounds awesome with tiny speakers, there's Sony's superb DAV-IS10 which would work well with your PS3. It's £600, and you might find it for nearer £500 if you shop around. Only thing is it includes a DVD player, which you don't strictly need as you've already got the PS3 as your source.

Alternatively, if you go the separates route, you could buy the superb Onkyo TX-SR505 surround receiver for £250, and then add the KEF KHT1005 surround speaker package for £300, which would give you a great separates system for your budget. Also, you wouldn't be paying for a DVD player you don't need and you could upgrade the speakers at a later date if you wanted to.

I'd definitely go for a 5.1 system if you can accommodate it.


Thankyou for that advice! Do you think it would be worth me just investing in a left and right speaker and a amp to get a little better models for my money?