ps3 or sony bd player?



I did leave for work early this morning in the pouring rain to my local news agent, who was open at 7am bless him, to get this issue, and after reading the reviews, I dont know what would be best. As both units have plus sides, and some let downs. I wont be using the unit to play cds so that doesnt count as a down side on the PS3 to me. But HDMI 1.3 compatability might be useful for the future, the bd player has the pre outs I want to play hd sound formats thru my oldskool receiver. What is the extent of the PS3s internet connectivity? does it have a web browser like a PC?


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Jun 28, 2007
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PS3 is at the core of it a games console and we must rember that, it was designed for that and the fact it can play Blu-Ray movies is a bonus but like you I have a older amp(Yamaha RXV2500) which to enjoy the new hd sound I need to use the 5.1 inputs so with a PS3 you would be missing half of what HD movies has to offer.
I personally am waiting to see what happens with the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD issue and chose to upgrade my dvd player instead and got a Denon DVD3930 for a bargain £550 ex-demo. But unless you are busting a gut to get into HD movies I would hang fire at least until you can get a Blu-Ray player with 5.1 outputs that is profile 1.1 compliant as no player on the market as of yet is.


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