ps3 hdmi picture loss


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, Im just after some advice/help. i have a samsung 40inch lcd 1080p hd tv connected to this a v+ box. ps3 slim and xbox 360 elite how ever when i try to play the ps3 or xbox at 1080p after a while of playing the tv picture switches off and then back on constantley as if theres a lose of signal. to prevent this i adjusted the settings on my ps3 to 720 and my xbox to 1080i and this solves the problem. how ever ive paid good money for these goods and would like to be able to play them in 1080p. do you have any idea why i cant play in 1080p ? without losing my picture after a while. someone said this was due to the quality of the hdmi cables im using even though there gold plated they cant handle the bandwidth, is this correct and if so could u please reccomend some good cables ?


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Sep 13, 2007
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Hmmm...andy this sounds like a hdmi issue but the cause could be many things. Do you have any issues when playing a bluray on the PS3 in 1080p?? The fact that the issue disappears when the signal is lessened to 1080i or 720p points towards the tv being the most likely culprit as the hdmi cables you are using seem to be sending a signal to the tv without issue. What cables are you using at the moment?

I have been using QED hdmi cables with my PS3 and have had no issues atall...they are pricey compared to bog standard hdmi cable and are about £40 - £50 depending on where you shop for a 1 metre lead.

I presume you are using the game mode on the tv to connect your consoles? It may even be a handshake issue between the tv and the consoles so make sure hdmi control is active on the tv as this will provide a 'handshake' between the tv and the consoles.

If all this fails then i would point the finger at your tv as being where the issue lies and would then contact Samsung for advice.

Hope that helps mate.