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Aug 10, 2019
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I know theirs lots of threads on fan noise and the PS3, this one is a little different as Im NOT asking you nice guys and gals to give an opinion on how quiet or loud you think your PS3's fan is. However Im very interested at what fan level your 60 gig PS3 idles on. And I mean just that, no games etc, just idling on the XMB. This is what mine does and Im curious as to how it compares if any of you are willing to try this. Just turn on the PS3, don't activate, load, play or watch anything just power on and idle on the XMB and take note on how many times the fan goes up a notch. May take a 10-20 mins or so and you need to be sat close to it. Mine is as follows. 1/ Initial woosh as it powers on (as does everyones). 2/ Idles at level 1 for a few minutes, very quiet barely audible. 3/ Picks up to level 2, audible but not intrusive, stays here for a few minutes. 4/ Picks up once more to level 3 So all in all mine picks up twice in fan speed from initial power up while just idling, 1 to 2, 2 to 3 If anyone is prepared to have a go at the above Id sure appreciate some feedback? 60 gig PS3's only though please!!! Many thx!


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Dec 28, 2007
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Can have a go later on, but this wouldn't surprise me. As it's powered on, the system will gradually get hotter and thus fan needs to increase in speed as the heat builds up in the case.


Mine does that, but then after a little while of running itself in, will slow back to level 1. It doesn't seem to matter what it's doing, it will always flucuate, I mean even in films it has been at its lowest speed for some periods.


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