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El Hefe

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Jun 21, 2008
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Hi all,

I am toying ith the idea of installing one for my living room. A house survey was done last week by the dealer and he recommended 4 models to choose from. I am not sure which to choose. Eventhough I have the specs for all of them, I dont really understand how and what to compare. Need opinion from anyone here.

Source for this projector is mainly coming from my Oppo 95 EU and Marantz DVD player via the Yamaha receiver.

I dont really need 3D capability as I cannot handle 3D movies without feeling dizzy and vomitting.

1. Optoma HD33

2. Optoma HD31

3. Epson TW6000

4. Mitsubishi HC4000

What would be the best value for money unit?

chris hollands

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Apr 27, 2010
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Hi El Hefe, if you are not bothered about 3D you should look at the JVC DLA-HD350 , for sale at richer sounds reduced to £1399 .

A stunning pojector at twice the price, i auditioned most of the ones you mention and ther JVC is a massive improvement in quality over them.

It also has great lens adjustment which is good for a living room enviroment.

Just do a google search to confirm some great reviews.

Good luck.


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