Programmes from 1970s.

Inspired by @chebby s thread on motorsport, there was some real plumbs in the 1970s: alongside Grandstand on a Saturday on the Beeb, ITV had World of Sport. Presented by Dickie Davis, they showed everything from motor racing to wrestling, banger racing, golf as well as football. The one decent programme on WoS was Saint and Greavesie presenting On The Ball.

Midweek was Sportsnight with Coleman on the Beeb. That was good if liked midweek football highlights.

For a real laugh was Indoor League, presented by the former cricketer Fred Truman. You name it was shown on indoor league: arm wrestling, bar billiards, shove ha'penny, darts, pool....


There are many other programmes away from sport.


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The theme music was great.

I bought a compilation CD just for one full- length (but still too short) track - 'The Big Match', which you will remember Brian Moore and Jimmy Hill presenting on ITV.

The CD below contains some good stuff, including World of Sport and both Grandstand themes.
Great to hear them properly - as opposed to via a 24" black and white TV.....even if it did have better sound than any of today's flatscreens.