Problems with Yamaha RX-A1020 server input (DNLA client)


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Aug 10, 2019
The Yamaha RX-A1020 has a Server input (though not on the Facia dial!) which allows the YAM to play content from DNLA compliant media servers over the ethernet.

I have found a couple of problems with this feature:

1. The Yamaha regularly does not recognise my Lacie Lacinema media server/player, even though it is visible to other devices on the network (e.g. my MacBook). The only solution appears to be to get the Lacie to go through it's automatic network set up. Sometimes it is also necessary to restart the YAM - All very tedious. Yamaha simply tell me that 'no problems have been reported' which is amusing since I did just that!

2. When the YAM looks for files on the Lacie Media Server it doesn't see all the files. I have folders organised by artist and then by album. It sees all the artist folders, but for some of those it sees only one of the albums. The curious things is that it either sees all the albums or just one (not always the first one). This even happens when all albums have been ripped to identical (flac) file format from CD.

Has anyone else had similar problems either on the server (lacie) end or the client (yamaha) end ?


I've been having similar issues with my RX-A2010.

As well to add, I will to loose Internet Radio stating that it's Not Connected. Since then it’s been a process of endless trouble shooting.

What I found (for me at least) was that the RX is actually fine. The biggest problem I found was the reliability of (in sequence), the Internet Provider > Main Optical Router > Wireless Router and finally a Re Router!

As soon as the Network burps, no thanks to Etisalat, our trusty provider here in Dubai, the whole thing goes pear shape!

As a result I can’t get the RX to register any of network, and the network of the RX. That goes too for the Android / Apple Remote App. I’ve replaced all my routers for top end ones and the RX was registering my files from the Network with no problems.

I set about making a dedicated file in my Music Folder and there I imported what I needed and it been working fine, I’ve been able to read all my files.. Oddly enough to add, since buying the Yamaha BDA-1010, as well, for the life of me I can’t get that registered either on to Network!! Even though I can view Youtube for example on the BDA!?

So what I’ve done now is to scrap music streaming to the RX and have bought a dedicated Hard Drive. Dumped all my music on that and plugged it in to the rear of the Blu-Ray player, ..with cracking results.

To finish, be honest I realized I was playing inferior recording of my CDs since streaming and have since gone back to ‘making the effort’ in getting off my back side and physically collect a CD/SACD/Vinyl and play it, like the good old days.

That’s why I bought it at the end I guess!

Conclusion for me at least. My quality of networking gear caused me great grief, and still is. Best thing to do is getting working, and then Save all your Parameters.

From here each time it clocks out, just Initialize the RX and start over. Recover your Parameters and keep trying.

Each time I Initialized the RX, it would re connect and stay that way.

My root problem for me is the IP glitching. That in turns kept crashing my RX LAN Connection. By upgrading to better routers, this issue resolved 99%, until that is Etisalat started digging up our road again!

Good Luck!



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