Problems mounting a needed


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May 8, 2010
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Currently have a JVC hd 350 and looking at a 120" screen at the end of the month. My ceiling is about 11 ft high. I am planning to mount the projector on the ceiling about 13ft away from the screen which will be mounted on a sort of plinth which is about 20 cm lower than the ceiling. I also have metal beams going across the ceiling about about 20 cm lower than the ceiling. Question.... looking at the jvc projector mount but it only reaches 15cm from top plate to projector and will be placed just infrot one one beam but another is about 5 or 6 ft away(forgot to measure) Where in relation to the screen should the projector be. Does it need to be slightly above centre ect or does this not matter if i am able to move lense etc.

Advice on this would be greatly appreciated as am now getting quite worried it wont work out.