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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all i recently bought Audiolab 8000q and two M monoblocks to biamp some Mordaunt short 906i speaker. They have been in use scince new about 3 month ago but last night when playing a music DVD the left channel Monoblock started making a noise a bit like when a digital TV breaks up and this has resulted in it damaging my speaker i believe the tweeter still works but the bass is gone???. I could see the cones were being pushed out so powered off and powered back on but it started to do the same. I tried another set of speakers and it did the same so i am in the process of sending it back for repair.

My question is where do i stand as this fault has literaly blown my speaker and this is through no fault of my own?




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Nov 3, 2008
Are you sure the speaker's blown? It may just be a loose connection or if the speakers are bi-wirable maybe the link between the two speaker connectors is loose?


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Mar 26, 2008
Don't know where you stand regarding repairs being paid for by dealer who sold you the monoblocs, but to test the speakers, just swap them round and connect to the opposite amps and see how they work.

This happened to me recently and my woofer was blown, pretty annoying as there appeared to be no real reason for it, I use an 8000Q with 2 x Rotel RB971's bridged to monobloc. The only possible reason I can think of was that my phono stage was disconnected from the mains buth rca plugs were still connected to it and the amp, this may have caused a dc surge. If anyone has any ideas on this, I'd like to hear them.

Good luck with your quest for a repair.


To check if the bass driver voice coil has gone, a couple of options:
  • gently press the cone in and out using your fingers - it should move smoothly. If it feels like it's grinding or meeting resistance then you're right, you need a replacement.
  • alternatively connect a battery (standard AA is fine) to the amp end of your speaker cables attached to the bass driver - when you attach the battery you should see the cone move if it's healthy.

Assuming you have a warranty, your dealer will fix the amp (if it's faulty) but will have plenty of small print to avoid liability for speakers etc (or if the amp had set on fire resulting in your house burning down!). Your best bet will be convincing your contents insurance people that this classes as accidental damage. Otherwise, I'm afraid you just have to carry the cost.



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