ProAc cabinet colour change


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I have noticed a couple of instances of very noticeable differences in the shade of the wood between the exposed and grille covered parts of the cabinet on a pair of stuio 125s and 140 MkIIs. In the latter case, I was re-asured they weren't sat in the sunlight in a shop window, in which case it's slightly odd. My first reaction is to steer clear of anything "damaged" in this way, but probably shouldn't signify anything necessarily wrong with the speakers.

I have spent hours now trawling the net for used floorstanders around £1300 and under, and I have not noticed this with any other manaufacturers. It's a shame as the 140MkIIs are ex dem just burnt in 2 yrs old, but look like a sunburnt drunk with the grilles off.

I've heard A6 and 140MkIIs now, and it's a close thing - I cannot decide which I prefer. Haven't managed to listen to the D18s yet, and managed impressive levels of self restraint by not bidding on an ex dem pair on the bay at the weekend. (Another) house move next month, so the project speaker upgrade will have to go on hold. Fingers crossed the spendors get on with my new lounge...

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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There's a number of manufacturers I've seen this happen to. Many real wood veneers tend to 'settle' during their first 6-12 months, and even though they may not have seen direct sunlight, there can still be a noticable difference between the visible cabinet and the cabinet behind the grille.

Personally, I'd recommend leaving the grilles off for the first year.


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Jan 7, 2009
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I think all natural wood is affected.

I had this on both wood veneered speakers (monitor audio) and wood veneered hifi rack - goes darker where exposed. ATC is also affected (seen samples of exposed and non-exposed wood).


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