Presetting radio recordings onto cassette


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am trying to find a way to pre-set cassette recordings from radio with a timer. My old hi fi system has broken and I have been looking around but nowdays the systems you can buy new don't seem to include this function, most don't even have cassette these days! Can anyone help? Is there a way to make a custom system do to this? Many thanks.


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Crumbs, I thought only an old-timer like me remembered taping radio programmes onto cassettes!

As you say, no new gear even has cassette playback or record. I used to leave the tuner and pre-amp (that I used about a decade ago) on all the time, and use the timeswitch to start the cassette deck. The better decks had a dedicated timer switch to engae either 'play' or 'record'.

So, most secondhand cassette decks (or minidisc, or CD recorder, if you fancy a change!) will work with a tuner or receiver, as long as they have a 'timer' switch. There are a few new Cassette decks still on sale too. Used, I'd look for something like a Yamaha KX-580SE, usually about £80 - £100 on ebay. New, maybe a TEAC W890R for £250.

I know some Pure DAB radios can record onto a USB pen, but not sure if you can do that via a timer. Someone else here may know. And if you don't need a permanent recording, but just want to time-shift, then BBC iPlayer on a PC/Mac or via a current Blu-Ray player (or another of the latest streaming/internet devices that I am not 100% au fait with) will enable you to listen a few hours or days later.

I hope this prompts some more replies.