pre-wiring a house with satelite cabling. Help Needed.


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Aug 10, 2019
I'm about to undertake a renovation project and want to prewire the house so that every room can get a TV feed and/or Sky feed.

I basically want to have all the wiring available so that whoever buys the property can just plug in existing Sky hardware. I also want to make sure that if they don't own Sky parts then at least every room has a TV socket. Furthermore, if there are any cables that should be run for futureproofing then please let me know these as well.

These are questions I need answers to:

What cables are best? I heard that RG6 cables are most suitable.

I have 7 rooms that I want to supply a TV/Sky feed to. How many cables should I run to each point?

Do all these cables come from a single distribution box which is fed directly from the actual dish?

Can I use the satelite dish to pick up standard digital signals without a Sky subscription, thus doing away with a standard aerial?

I know virtually nothing about satelite, so any info will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


We have this setup in our house.

We have a tv distribution amplifier in the loft feeding 7 different rooms / tvs
Type "8 way Distribution TV Amplifier Signal Booster" into ebay for an example.
Not sure what is the best cable to use but we have normal tv coaxial and it works fine in all rooms - no signal degradation.
I would recommend using a professional to install the system for you - it was money well spent for us.


I have a Sky box - not Sky+ , mine has a normal coaxial cable and a Satellite Lead (F Plug to Plug).
The sat lead feeds the digital signal from the sky dish and the coaxial feeds the terrestrial signal from the normal aerial.



Had this done recently and the way its configured for us is this:

  • Main distribution box in loft

  • Wall box in room with Sky+ box with return cable for Sky going back into loft

  • Satelite dish; tv aerial; FM aerial and DAB aerial on the roof

  • Each room then has a wall plate with two outlets (with the exception of the room that has the main input coming in which has 4 outlets, I think) - marked TV and Radio

I can now plug in a tv into any socket and watch Sky (the same as whats on on the main box); analogue tv; DTV and control the Sky+ if needed. In addition I can plug in a radio or tuner and get very clear FM and DAB. This has been well worth it in my view.

Only thing to add in now (if feasible) is some network wiring for a PC network as a back-up to a wireless network.

Would advise that you get a professional in to do it (at least all the connections).



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