Power Mains Conditioner and Surge protector.... Need reviews


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Aug 10, 2019
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Sorry for writing a long post, tried to be as specific as I could

Have been after a power conditioner/surge protector for some time now. searched and read info on the internet extensively, but I have not yet made up my mind.

I know this has been discussed in other threads, but I cannot seem to find an answer to my question and for this reason I have started a thread....

There are several items out there for which I cannot find a decent review. I have seen several reviews of items based on their specifications without actual tests, which I find frustrating....

I plan to get a surge protector/mains conditioner, even though I know it is often referred to as the "snake oil of home cinema".... Reason is to protect my equipment and have peace of mind. My main concern is that by getting a surge protector and not a conditioner, the quality of sound and picture will diminish. Thus, I am after a relatively good one, but with both combined.

Budget: around 300-400 quid, or 600 euros. I would prefer a rack/stackable unit, like the Isotek vision or the Tacima 3-stage or the Belkin Pure AV PF series.

Plug type: UK

Equipment: Large screen plasma, AV receiver, dvd player, dvd recorder, game console, sat receiver, speakers (sub needs a plug) (planning on a blu ray soon)

Have not found any reviews for the following that interest me:

Belkin Pure AV series PF 50/60

Tacima IF 123

Isotek Minisub/Vision

Please feel free to suggest any other ones with similar specs / features

Thanking everyone who will take the time to respond in advance. Any help will be very appreciated


Can recommend the Tacima, many on this forum have them.

Also just bought yesterday off Ebay a BT mains conditioning unit, they house a big transformer and caps, if you can find one snap it up. Amazing difference to the music.



Thanks Trevor,

Posted this a while ago, and almost gave up, as no one was responding.

Really looking into the tacima, and will check out the BT ones as well.

I also got a good offer from an Isotek dealer here, and found the minisub from hifi cables for GBP 299....

Decisions, decisions.... The tacima is an easy choice, and I will most definitely go for it,

Thanks again, Spyr


Hello i use the Belkin-PF40 & PF-60 and they are very good got 13 outlets so if u add more gear u dont have to worry that u havent got enough outlets mind u i use both of them in my movie room.

Regards Lino.


Thanks Lino,

I have been very skeptical about them, since the rep here in Cyprus was too quick to comfort me about anything. I am not doubting their quality, but the service I will get in case there is a problem.

I have currently covered 50% of my plugs with a CS929 by tacima. For the rest, I am currently using a low cost surge protector, but want to update.

Regarding Isotek, I have read on a couple of sites, including WHF that their parent company Spotlyte is going into voluntary liquidation. Not sure what to make of that... I am torn between getting the mira and the gemini for a great price (I have had an offer from a local dealer) and avoiding them altogether. No doubt that their equipement will improve reception, but I am reluctant because of the lack of service if they fail.

I have also seen the Isotek Vision for a very good price, but I will probably avoid it, as it is a display model.

Alternatively, I will probably go with a Tacima 3-stage (link above) and settle there....

Thanks for the help though!