Poor picture quality?


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Feb 8, 2008
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I have an LG LCD TV 37LC55 to be precise and I have a question regrding the picture quality.

When there is a large block of colour and there is a graduation from light to dark on the screen, the graduation is seen as bands getting darker/lighter and not a smooth transition of colour or tone.

What is the name of this phenomenon/problem, if indeed it has a term at all?


I think you will find that is called colour banding. On the ps3 home screen it can be annoying on my LCD depending what colour it is on so best to use a wallpaper. My LCD has an 8 bit panel and I get colour banding. I have heard that 10 bit panels were supposed to cure this but i remember the sony w4500 also suffering and that was 10 bit. I am not sure if plasmas suffer from colour banding I did notice on the currys loop instore even the current panasonics do but that is probably a poor feed!