PMC launches 'improved' Twenty5i series speaker family


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As an original twenty21 owner, I wondered how much better the 25 version might be.
Now I'm wondering how the 25i version improves on that :rolleyes:
If it really is 'more open and expressive' than what was already supposedly better than mine......then it really will be good.
(At 2 grand a pair, probably best I don't find out how much better).

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Be happy with what you have, they sound great to me :)

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You're right, it's all about being content.
So you might need to get those PMC actives off your radar :LOL:
(These are getting stupidly near those in price though).
PMC's are becoming too expensive for my pocket, fortunately we both got in before the price rises. I'm more than happy with the performance of mine.

I've almost pulled the trigger on the twotwo5's so many times over the last few years, but there's only pro reviews on the net for studio use and they generally say the presentation is much brighter than the DB1's so I'm still on the fence.

Maybe some sealed box baby Harbeth's might be the way to go some time in the future?
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