pm6004 with Dali Zensor 5 or Yamaha AS-500 with dm2/7


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi All,

I'm trying to build up a budget HiFi system and already got the Marantz pm6004 for a bargain (but could sell it again if necessary).

Now, after having posted two threads about the pm6004 and reading numerous other threads I find myself with a dilemma:

The thing is that, because I have a fairly large living, I would prefer the Dynaudio dm2/7 as speakers, which seem to be poweful, and sound great.

But it seems that the pm6004 is a bit light to drive them. So now I am considering to either keep the pm6004 and pair it with the Dali Zensor 5. I heard they have full bass and are not straining to listen to (I am quite allergic to sharp and harsh sounds, and want something I can listen to for hours if I want to). The alternative would be the Yamaha AS-500 with the Dynaudio dm2/7. I'm considering the Yamaha, because it has more power, but is still within my budget.

I know that I should try to audition anyways, but can someone tell me what they think would be the better combination? I listen to pop, jazz (both acoustic and jazzrock/fusion), and occasionally classical music. Maybe it's also relevant to mention that I would like the sound to be good at low volumes as well - usually I don't turn up the volume very high. And it should also work well wenn watching an occasional movie.



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Nov 23, 2007
As you already have the PM6004, and it is a very capable amplifier, I'd suggest seeking the best speakers to match with it. I would suggest auditioning the Zensor 5s, but also the B&W 685s and the KEF Q300s, all of which will work very well with the Marantz. You might also find that the Boston Acoustics M-25s would suit your tastes.

I do feel that the Marantz is better than the Yamaha, particularly given your sound requirements and musical tastes, and it works well at lower volume levels.


Fully agree with MP on the above

The Marantz is a very good amp and for me; much more capable than the Yamaha which can sound fairly clinical!

The B&W 685s, MA RX1s & even the KEF R100's would be a very good choice of speaker and all similar/less than the Dynaudio DM2/7s you've mentioned

I'd also consider 2nd hand MA RX2's or even MA BX5 floorstanders. Both superb speakers and will work well with the PM6004!


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Jan 31, 2011
After 5 days, I changed AS 500 with PM 6004: more relaxing sound, no harsh treble, better, more liquid and beefy mid, good bass and better look & ergonomics, but no tape monitor or sub out; anwy his 50 W seems more than the Yam's 85 W and one day, for an insane test, I drove my B&W till 3 o'clock vol without clipping or protection intervent, measuring 28 W in output with AC tester ( no one at house
) ! I use to listen Jazz & rock at 9 o'clock for hs .


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Oct 20, 2011
PM/CD 6004 combo sounds magnificent with KEF Q300.

WHF recomend also Tannoy DC6T fllorstander for Marantz combo.


Hi All,

Thanks a lot for your advise, it's greatly appreciated. It's good to know that the pm6004 was a good decision after all.

I found a hifi shop that seems to have all the 5-star speakers from WHF, including those advised by Matthewpiano, as well as the BX5, but I'll call them to make sure they the ones I'd like to hear before I go there, since they are not to close.

And in another shop I found the MA RX2 (recommended by the recruiter), for not much more money than the KEFQ300. Was just wondering, since therecruiter suggested finding them 2nd hand, is that because of the normal price, or because they are hard to find new? Can they be considered to be better than the KEFQ300 or the B&W685's, or comparable ?


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