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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm looking to upgrade both my 24" Sony CRT to 40" LCD and DVD player (Probably to a HD DVD player with good upscaling capability) as current DVD player is a PS2 (!) Sound is through PS2 via digital optical 5.1/DTS at the mo. Will update amp & speakers at a later date.

Viewing distance is about 7ft - preferably would like 1080p capability. Usage will initially be Sky SD and DVD hence looking for the DVD upscaling. Will upgrade to Sky HD or equivilent at later date.

After much research, I don't know what to do now the 40W2000's price has come down - is this still a good panel compared to the 40D3000? Is the clouding issue still an issue? I can't seem to find many reviews for the 40D3000 - is this a contender? I like the sound of the new Samsung LE40F86BDX from a spec POV and the guys at HDTVtest seemed to like it but I need to justify the extra cost to the Mrs! (Found it for £1042 @ BT Shop).


Looking forward to seeing the results of the supertest. Unfortunately, budget constraints mean I'm unable to afford the Samsung LE40F86 or the Sony 40W3000.

Claire - I'm down to the Sony 40W2000 and the Samsung LE40M87 as they're both similarly priced & both 1080p. In your personal opinion, which is better at motion handling & which would be better for my usage?