Please help - Speaker choice nightmare


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Jan 12, 2008

After lots of research I thought I'd managed to narrow down my speaker choice to the MA BR5av's to hook up to an Onkyo 805 (or maybe 875 if I don't but a seperate upscaling dvd player - can't decide what to do). However, I now have more systems thrown into the mix that meet my price range, these (SVS sbs01):

or these (quad l-ite),

Apparently, the quad lite package is an offer that's simply too good not to take up.

Can anyone offer a definitive opinion? I know it's just an opinion, but as someone who's clueless - any will help.

Cheers guys.


Couple of opinions from someone only very slightly further down the experience path...

Sorry I can't help on the links you posted - I have no experience of those.

I recently bought a package deal from Creative Audio ( I got the Onkyo 605 and the Aego T speakers. The sound is awsome (fills my large lounge very well) and the speakers come with nice matching wall mounts. Creative Audio threw in some good cabling and some worthwhile instructions. Delivery was next day - fabulous service. I would recommend the Aego speakers - but they have some other very nice packages - all with a bit of a discount.

They have package deals on the 805 and the 875. To me, the upscaling is worthwhile - you never know what else you might want to plug in to the receiver and the 875 has some other benefits also.


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