Please Help!!! On the market for a new CDP and Speakers - Budget £1800


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm hoping this forum might provide me with some suggestions and opinions on what CD Player and Speakers I should consider with my hard earned budget of £1800. I currently have an ARCAM A70 and am not looking to get rid of it - I've not been particularly disappointed with it nor ever hugely impressed either, having had to replace my Alpha5+ mid last year when the one channel went.

So far I have whittled the CDP contenders down to: REGA APOLLO, ARCAM CD73, and ARCAM CD192.

Speaker contenders: PMC DB1, PMC TB2, DALI IKON, and EPOS. (I think I'm slightly restricted here due to the relative weakness in power of the A70 amp)

Is the Apollo better than the CD73, and is the CD192 significantly better than the 2 others? Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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