Please help me decide on a TV for gaming


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Jan 21, 2008
Hi, for the past few weeks I have been reading up on the best TV for my gaming needs. I am looking for a 40-42" TV that will be used only for gaming is a normal lit room (not total darkness). The TV has to have a low input lag and quick response time and come within my budget of £700-800.

I have decided against a plasma since the TV will only be used for gaming and don't want to be stressed about IR and possible burn (I know the newer plasma TVs are much better in this regard, but I feel there is still a potential problem). The fact that I am also a console gamer and most games are 30fps has also turned me off a plasma due to them having a double-imaging problem with them. So its LED only please. I am also not too fussed about 3D, 2D game performance is my primary need.

I was initially going with a Panasonic LED 42ET5 or the 42ET50. Both use IPS panels, the ET5 an LG panel, and the ET50 uses an IPS alpha panel (which I am led to believe is better for gaming?). However I also noticed from playing around with these that their blacks are not great compared to a Samsung or Sony TV, and I also read that the contrast is also particularly poor with IPS panels.

The other TVs I am looking at are:

Samsung 40ES6300

Samsung 40ES6800/6900

Sony 40HX753

I think the above TVs are Spva panels, so are these better that IPS panels for gaming or is there not much difference.

So my question is out of the 5 TVs I have mentioned, which would be the best for my needs? Any users care to comment or any other advice/alternatives are most welcome before I go mad :bounce:


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