Please help...cant decide


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Aug 10, 2019
Im stuck between two amps having just sold my old one on e-bay

Im either going for the Sony STR-DG820 or the Yamaha DSPAX763

Im going to have connected to it Sony PS3 outputting in 1080p and Sky HD

Is there any benefit in paying a bit extra for the Yamaha

Please help me decide as its doing my head in and dont wanna end up regretting buying one when I should have bought the other!!!

Thanks for your help


All i can say sam is i bought the yamaha amp about two months ago and think it is a good amp, sounds great with films, also pretty good with cd's, cant say about the sony as i haven't heard it. i hope this helps you, but if your like me you have a hard decision to make.

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
As per my reply to the other htread asking the same thing.........

The Yamaha, as far as surround sound is concerned, produces a far bigger soundstage than any amplifier in it's price range, giving a more believable and enjoyable experience, so you can imagine how it compares to a cheaper amp. Quality-wise, you're comparing what is a £300 amplifier to what was originally a £600 one. With less than £100 between the price of the two at the moment, the decision should be no contest :)


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