Please help a multiroom novice


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Aug 10, 2019
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We are looking to get a new audio system for the house but not sure of the best route. Also question the sound quality on some of them and price varies so much

Firstly, we know it will cost but what do not want high end. Have been suggested OPUS or Systemline Modular. Any ideas on what the best of these two. Systemline have been quoted 8k for 4 zones and 2 sub zones with installation.

Secondly is there a system that would be better quality to say live in a lounge but we could wire speakers from it to different rooms. Realise that this would stop the facility of choosing sounds separate in each room but thought sound would be better?

looking to spend no more thaqn about 6k really

Any help would be appreciated.



I would just get yourself one CD player with two RCA ouputs (perhaps Arcam CD73 or CD192) then get two identical amplifiers such as the Arcam A70 with two output speaker sets on both amplifiers giving you four sets of speakers. Then buy eight speakers to whatever you want (wallmount some Wharfedale Diamond 9.0 or 9.1s or B&w 686 etc) and then run speaker cable to them! Bobs your uncle and the sound quality will be superb.


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