Pleasant surprise from Virgin


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Mar 26, 2010
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I know we normally just post complaints, but....

Was clearing some weeds and general rubbish from the front garden fence on Monday. Including using a spade to chop through some small hedge roots.

Then cleared away the debris and found the Virgin cables in their green corrugated truncking neatly cut in two, yes no TV, broadband or phone.

One very foolish feeling gardener called Virgin who said they would be there the following morning - which surprised me, thought I'd have to wait longer.

Engineer duly arrived on Tuesday, had to splice in extra cable as there was not enought slack to just rejoin. He then checked all services were working properly which happily they were. Then burried cable deeper than it had been.

So well done Virgin for great service, and the final pleasant surprise, no charge :)


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Dec 10, 2007
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Yeah, I've always found their service to be excellent. And I have to admit to very nearly doing exactly the same thing a couple of months ago! But good to know for sure what that cable is now - I wasn't sure.
Well done Virgin for prompt service. It would've been cheeky of them to charge you for it, as they didn't tell you where the cables were laid. Your responsibility for the line starts from within the house, as far as I'm aware.


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