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Aug 10, 2019
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Iam tempted by the ipod touch but am concerned by the restrictions. I like the use's, regarding hifi. Can someone recommend an android player for apps, web browsing, control of hifi, mail, e.t.c. i am not into listening to mp3's through headphones. I just use media player connected to a good hifi.thanks


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Sep 29, 2011
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Are you thinking to play music from your tablet, or just use it as a control point for your hifi, in which case what are you using to play your music ... a computer or media streamer? There are some Philips speaker docks for Android tablets available now which you might want to take a look at.

I actually use a Creative ZIIO 7" as a uPnP Remote Control (controlling Foobar 2000 on a PC), and I also use its Bluetooth audio streaming via apt-x via a Chordette Gem DAC or direct to some Creative Bluetooth apt-x speakers. It was cheap £150 (and now there's a £50 voucher offer as well!) and it also surfs the web, is an email client and I have installed quite a few audio players on it (WinAmp is the best). Don't expect the latest version of Android or access to the Android Market and note the screen is resistive (though no worse off because of this). I can also use it as a uPnP media server (although this makes much less sense in my setup).


I use a modern laptop with windows media player. It's connected to a cyp au d150 usb dac, then cambridge audio a5 amp and mission M71i speakers.I would like full android market place. Thanks for earlier reply.


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