Plasma Advice - Pioneer or Panasonic


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Aug 10, 2019
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My old Panny 100Hz CRT is finally on its last legs after 10 Years of excellent service. I'm therefore on the prowl for a new Plasma. I will mostly be watching High Def (Blueray) DVD along with the 'normal' DVD's in my existing collection, with some future use of maybe a gaming system / PC. I have been considering the Pioneer 428XD (£1300) or 508XD (£1700) but I am aware of the new LX5080D (Full HD) although at a price of the best part of £3k is will take a lot of convincing. I am also very happy with the service my old Panny has given and wouldn't like to rule out the 50" PZ70 (£1165) / 700 (£1600), mainly due to cost savings against actual noticably gain in picture quality. this would leave more cash to splash on better Blue Ray Player / Amp / Speaker.

Also any point in considering LCD ??? Any new on the NEW Panasonics due out ???

I'd like to throw it open for thoughts please.


Panasonic are introducing new products soon, this will mean older sets will drop in price so it may worth waiting. Personally i'd go for the LX5080D you really can see the benefits of the extra cost, especially when used with the LX70A BD player (£1000)


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