pioneer VSX-1017AV-S av amp what do people think


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi new to this forum .. thinking of getting a pioneer VSX-1017AV-S

whats your thoughts on this amp , £355.00 is the best price i have found it for .

Right firstly im new to the art of getting it right when it comes to buying amps , made a few costly mistakes and now want to do it right in the buing stage...

i need hdmi through the amp i have Hd dvd player. Xbox 360 eleite ( hdmi output )

this amp will run 5.1 surround and also 7.1 surround , it has auto set up , the conections im ok on, but the specs are the limit of my knowledge when it comes to this amp . im not in to shaking the paint of the walls just want good quality sounds for Movies BUT also want quality sound when playing music ( dvd dts music )

am i asking to much of a surrond amp to give me these both

i have a 37" lcd HD tv positioned in the corner of my living room but i have to mount the front speaker very close to it (almost touching it ) and they would have to be slim line spaekers ( have a multi fuel wood burning stove near the tv so speakers wouldnt fit on the floor )

i have seen a sony suround amp with really small speakers ( no bigger than a tennis ball ) BUT it has a bult in dvd player and the sub has the mid range built in to it ( my sub HAS to go behind the telly)

my room has hard walls and hard laminated floor large 2 seater and large 3 seater sofa and heavy weight curtains that it so for sound i think im going to have problems


Many thanks to any sugestions Ian


hi i got this av amp i bought it last summer. nice amp but when you connect your Hd dvd player. Xbox 360 eleite ( hdmi output ) through HDMI input you dont have audio. This amp is just an HDMI switcher, it cant pass HD digital audio through HDMI input. You have to look av amps labeled TRUE HD, DTS HD like pioneer LX50, or Onkyo TX-SR605.

Good Luck


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