Pioneer SC LX81 plus which speaker package?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All,

First forum post ever!

Have just upgraded to Pioneer SC LX81 from a wonderful Nakamichi AV10 - worked wonders for 10 years then mother board blew and since Nakamichi are no more...

Have been running Mission M-Cube Sat System with old AV 10 and seem to slot in with SC LX81 up to a point. However, new room furniture means sub has been moved some distance from centre speaker and with the Mission Sub delivering from two side speakers rather than a front facing speaker the low frequency sounds are a bit muted since a bit boxed in. Also, quite difficult to set up the new amp with the cubes since the NXT Flat panel speakers don't accuratley respond to the MAC Microphone set-up.

Have been eyeing up Monitor Audio Apex system (Not allowed floor standing column speakers, unsurprisingly!) - room measures 5.5 deep x 4.5m wide. Also, can one bi-wire these speakers? As you can tell, am restricted by size, so a sat system is only option.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated




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