Pioneer Plasma PDP428OXD


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Sep 22, 2007
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Hi, I have found this TV in John Lewis for £1799 with 5 years warranty, and also on Pixmania for £1496 with standard warranty, does any one know of any better deals? Cheers


Guest for £1,625.00 inc a 5 Year Warranty from a Pioneer Dealer

Do yourself one favour though.............go along and see if you can audition a Samsung PS42Q97HDX at Comet and then come back and ask yourself whether or not the picture ( excluding the sound which is better on the Pioneer TV) is significantly better. In blind test-forgive the Pun-bet you wouldn't know be able to discern a difference either in detail, and black levels although the Samsung is a slight bit more colourful but certainly this doesn't detract from it viewing pleasure. It's acclaimed Contract ratio is only something like 1000 less than the Pioneer's claim.............but see if you can tell the difference. Oh.....and it's only around £699.00 too!