Pioneer PDP428XD/4280XD or Panasonic PZ70 ?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am about to buy my new plasma tv next week and have narrowed it down to the Pioneer PDP428XD, 4280XD or the Panasonic TH42 PZ70.

I have read all the rave reviews on the Pioneer sets and the Panasonic has good reviews also.

After much shoping around I have found all of these sts locally at the cheapest price possible with pedestal stands and 5 year warranties.

John Lewis have offered to price match the 4280XD at £1370 with the 5 year warranty. A local Audio store has offered me the 428XD at £1599 with the SWIVEL pedestal stand a 5 year warranty while the Panasonic seems to be around £1099 with the 5 year warranty.

All the stores and tv/audio shops have said the Pioneer over the Panasonic even at the full price and the displays that I have seen are really good. My one concern was that with the Pioneer being 720p not 1080p will it be out of date very soon BUT at the prices I have been offered are they well worth that amount, are they worth £270/£500 more than the Panasonic ?

I have an Onkyo 705 receiver with 7.1 speakers (Kef eggs and a Rel Q200 sub) so am not that bothered about the sub out feature. I use Sky 99% of the time so was told that the Pip does not work through sky. I have a PS3 that I will use for Blu Ray, will this be the main difference between 720p and 1080p ?

Is the auto brightness worth having or just a gimmik ?

At £1370 I feel to be swaying toward the 4280XD (John Lewis had it listed for £1799 so £430 discount !) and can I really justify another £230 extra for the 428XD .

OR will all these sets drop like a stone in price when the new models appear.


Go with the 4280XD, the differences are slight unless you want professional calibration. PIP does work with Sky via the av input and the freeview tuner. I've said it a million times but 1080p on a 42" is barely noticable and then you have to sit very close, too close in my opinion. 720p/1080i sets are also better with standard def material as there is less scaling involved. PS3 looks fantastic on my 428xd, as does anything I put into it!! Auto brightness is a waste of time.



just bought the 50 inch panny pz70. i am well chuffed. great for blu ray. and only 1600 with 5 yr warranty in the high street . prob 1400 on the net easy. no worryin about a stand too. your 42 inc would be far far cheaper. go 4 it


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