pioneer PDP-507XD vs pioneer PDP 5000EX


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Aug 10, 2019
went to sevenoaks today just to see what was currently on sae etc!

Was blown away by the pio plasmas!

After checking out the distances etc that Ill be using a 40/42 is way to small- so it looks asthough a 50 is in aid of.

Just wondering if the whathifi team can give me some info on the two TV's above and how they found them etc! if there were any problems.

Also if anybody owns these two tvs your input is welcomed aswell.


If I had the money right now this is THE TV I would be going to buy, having seen the pictures it reproduces.

For me anyway, this would be Uptopia but then I'm a fairly simple human to please, without getting into all that boring 'Techy' stuff which in the end only serves to detract from being truly entertained by something as lovely and visually enthralling as this beauty.

As it is, I'm having to warm to idea of either the Pioneer PDP480XD, Toshiba 42WLT68, and the SONY KDL-40D3000

I hope I win the Lottery tonight

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Hi there

They are both great sets. We gave the PDP-507XD a four-star rating - it's a great set, just a little pricey compared to some of the competitiion out there. If the money doesn't bother you, or the fact that it's HD Ready rather than Full HD, go for it.

The PDP-5000EX won a technology Award from us last year, for being - at that time - the most sophisticated flatscreen we'd seen, complete with Full HD spec and a truly sumptuous, filmic picture. It's still a five-star product.

HOWEVER - there's a new range of Pioneer plasmas coming out, of which we're currently testing the very first - the review will appear in our October issue, out August 23rd. These are the sets Pioneer claim will change the way you look at plasma, and use a range of new technologies to enhance contrast, motion-handling and overall picture performamce.

So, up to you - if you're not in a hurry, it could be worth waiting to see how these new Pioneers perform...


how does the Pioneer Pdp508xd fair up? I was thinking of getting this in a demo room?

Can you give us any specs of these new tvs from pioneer? plus prices ranges? are the new sets full HD or will they be the usual HD ready?


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