Pioneer PDP-428XD on the cheap?


New member
Aug 10, 2019
Many positive things have been said about this set, but for quite a few out there I suspect the price may be a bit of an issue if budgets have to be adhered to.

For under £1370 Dixons will deliver to your door the Pioneer PDP-4280XD. This has an identical panel to the 428XD and visually looks the same. If you can live without a slot for your USB memory card(no USB slot), don't need picture in picture or split screen, have no spare sub-woofer to plug directly in(no subwoofer output), do not need to have experts calibrate your set(no ISF slot), and will accept that you may have to manually alter the brightness of the picture(no Intelligent Brightness Control) then the 4280XD may fit the bill. Given that a stand is also included, a saving of over £300 can be made.

If all of this is still not enough, but want to improve your current screen enjoyment whilst keeping a happy home life, then DigitalDirect are selling the excellent Panasonic TH-42PX70 for just under £700.

Any other great deals I may have missed??