Pioneer LX75 & Speaker Choices


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Aug 10, 2019
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I was hoping some advice. I am looking to purchase the LX75 as i really like the amp and its features. Sadly thought i would need a speaker upgrade to go with it and i dont think i can afford the monitor audio GX50 and centre that i think would go nicely with this amp.

So instead i am thinking of going with the Monitor Audio RX2 and centre speaker.

My question is: will the amp be too good for the RX2 speakers and i wont hear any difference compared to a cheaper amp, or will i still get the benefits of this amp.

Any advice and suggestions regarding the best set-up for around the 2k mark would be appreciated, but i do have my heart set on this LX75 unless told that its a really stupid way of doing things... thanks


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Feb 8, 2009
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Can't see this combination being anything other than fantastic. My cousin got some RX2's recently they are brilliant and i wouldn't see the LX75 as too good for them but rather just right.


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Dec 11, 2008
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I would assume the other way round - the LX75 not being enough for the GX range of MA.

I would assume it would be a very good match with the RX - take your time to learn how to use Advanced MCCAC mate.

It will make all the world of difference to the sound you can get from that amp :pray:



I ended up getting the amp on the weekend, and i actually went with the KEFQ300 and Q200 centre speaker. Very very impressive sound. I didnt get to audition an RX2 and was so happy with these that i went with them.

Thanks for the advice though. I did the standard MCACC configuration and the difference it made was amazing. The sound was quite naturally boomey before, a very BIG sound, but ultimately not 'good'.

Have not delved into the Advanced MCACC yet. Is there anything in particular i should be looking for.

On a seperate note, if you have the LX75 - I have the bdp440 blu ray player and to access the menu on that player i have to turn off video conv on the amp, but then to watch a film i have to turn this back on! I cant believe this is the way to do it...



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