pioneer for kef 1005


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Aug 10, 2019
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im currently running my sky hd and blu ray through a pioneer system that i originally bought as a music system. it consists of 2 floorstanding speakers[ 1 each at the side of the tv] 2 small cube speakers[used as rear left and rear right] and a centre speaker[situated at the base of the tv] Now im most certainly gonna buy the onkyo 505[as my pioneer amp only has 1 digital input],but do i pay 250 extra for the kef 1005s ? i realise that my current system lacks a subwoofer, but the sound i get is really good[typical of pioneer no doubt!]also i would have to pay more on top for the 2 speaker stands i would need and speaker wall brackets[as one cube speaker i have at the mo is on the wall] or would i be better just buying a seperate subwoofer,although for a decent one it would cost the same as the kef setup! do i really need a subwoofer as the sound is really deep from sky and when watching blu ray films? please help!


....having said all that i have got my eyes on a wharfdale sw150- would this be a good companion to my monster pioneers?