Pioneer AV Receiver VSX-529: What nominal impedance do my speakers need to have?


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Jan 15, 2016
I just got myself an AV amplifier the Pioneer VSX-529, it's low price receiver, but works for me. Now I need a pair of bookshelf speakers for it. I don't want a 5.1 system. Since I don't want to spend to much money on the speakers, but of course I still would want them to sound good. especially since I have my Technichs MK2's hooked up to the amplifier. I was looking at the Q Acoustics 2010i, since they Q Acoustics 2010i, since they have a good review and they are cheap (even cheaper since the Q Acoustics 3010 came out).

But all of a sudden I got worried if the nominal impedance of the speakers, which is at 6 Ohm, would match the specified output impedance of the amplifier. Which it does at first glance since the spec sheet of the Pioneer states 6 Ohm. And the user manual even states "Guaranteed speaker impedence 6 to 16 Ohm". All good, I thought, but then I came across the following lines in the same manual:

Power Output

8 Ohm, 2 channel: 100W per channel

6 Ohm 130 W per channel

What does that mean? Is it just a calculation of what power I end up with depending on the impedance? Or does it actually suggest, that if using two speakers they'd best have an impedance of 8 Ohm?

Pleas help out a noob.


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