Pioneer 428XD versus Panasonic 42PZ70; a matter of personal preferance...


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Aug 10, 2019
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...or is it a matter of fact that the Pioneer is better than the Panny? I have read the reviews in What Hi-Fi of the 428XD (and the other Kuros aswell), and it is quite clear that you regard this as the best 42" screen ever. However I have also read in your mag that any potential buyer should always demo a tv (or hi-fi of course) with a range of material before buying, partly because despite a product having been given a good review, it is always up to a person's personal preferances whether they like it or not. Now, my question is, does the Pioneer surpass any personal preferance? Is this screen, as your reviews suggest, so much better than any other screen, that any person who has decent vision (maybe not me then) will agree and prefer this set over any other (or specifically the Panny 42PZ70)? I have seen this both these sets in action next to each other in a shop, but only showing one source (I asked the manager if he could swap discs but he was totally unhelpful and refused); a Blu-ray of A night at the museum, which was being played by a machine that I believe was only set to output at 720p. Basically, must the Pioneer not have been shown at its best, or is there really scope for me to prefer the Panny? I guess I will have to go to a better shop and have a proper demo.


As you say it is down to personal preference, but from my experiance with both pioneer and panasonic i would recommend the pionneer as a good investment. Myself and a few friends purchased the old PDP43 a year ago and have not regretted parting with the cash because the picture is really amazing. On the other hand my father bought the panasonic and by comparison the picture was terrible ( which i havent told him because i did'nt want to upset him ! ) I would imagine that the newer models of pioneer screen are now even better picture and connection wise, you know your getting quality when you buy pioneer. Buy from robert sayles too when you buy because you get a five year warranty on all TV's as standard.