philips emotion is it as good as it looks?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have seen the new philips line up on there global site and the new range of lcd's look very impressive coming mid 2008 but the last lot of tv's from philips what hi fi have reviewed seem to lack the sparkle that gets them the group award and in some cases the 5 star rating dose this screem out avoide philips because as far as style goes for me they are ahead of the pack buy a mile. For an item that is smack in the middle of your living room i think its important.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Yes, we saw the new Philips sets at CES (story/pics here), and they look lovely. Diverging style is a big trend in TVs this year, with Samsung, LG and Loewe also doing some interesting work: we've got a feature on all the new models (looks; specs; tech) in our next issue, out April 3rd.

Re Philips performance - the recent sets have been great (including several five-star performers), but it's been a case of us feeling others have offered even more for the money. If you like the look and don't mind paying a possible premium, you can be assured of buying a strong set from what we've seen so far.


I recently bought a new Philips "Design Collection" TV model 42PFL7603D which had what appears to be a production faults, none of the buttons on the side of the TV worked (On/Off, Menu, Program Selector, Volume). The retailer immediately collected the faulty TV and delivered a replacement but this second TV had the same fault.

I contacted Philips and informed them about what appeared to be a production issue and asked for a technician to contact me to confirm the fault; I also suggested that they immediately escalate the issue, however Philips did nothing and they had the audacity to tell me that it was the responsibility of the retailer to fix the fault. I was fuming and phoned back a few times to complain and to try and get them to be Pro-active and to look into the problem, but no joy there, the only progress was when someone suggested I tried to get a TV from a different batch.

Well, I had a third TV delivered, and guess what, the same fault. Further calls to Philips so called "Consumer Care" failed to get any pro-active response, it seems quite clear that all Philips staff are working from the same guidelines that lack provision for initiative or understanding of an issue. Even when the Complaints department called it was the same story, they would not listen, I had to put the phone down on them twice.

When TV number 4 was delivered I couldn't believe it, IT WORKED! without fault, and YES I am very satisfied at long last, pity about Philips though.