Persuading a Sony STR1200ES amp to use Dolby pro logic


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can help me, because I've run out of ideas!

I've finally finished connecting everything to my new Sony receiver, and all seems well, except for the connection between the media centre PC and the receiver! Things were never this difficult with my previous Pioneer all in one system!

The sony and the media centre are connected using a coax cable, and I can get stereo sound when playing mp3s and proper 5.1 surround if I play a DVD. I cannot for the life of me however, get the amp to convert a stereo signal into a pro logic surround output. If I select any of the surround modes, the speakers 'appear' on the front panel (as they do if I enable it with my Virgin cable box) however no sound comes out of the sub, centre or rears.

I know that pro logic (or PL2 for that matter) isn't ideal for music, but there are situations where I would like to use it. If I could just get the sub to do something, that would be a start! What's the point in having a REL quake, if you can't use it!?!?

Thanks for your help, what hifi has proved invaluable during my quest for all things home cinema-y!



have you turned off the internal decoders in the PC? they can do some crazy things when you want to send sound to an external decoder.