PC to MF M1 A Dac - usb or coax?


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hello again,

i've looked some around the web, but couldn't find an apropriate explanation. So, after some auditioning, I decided to get Musical Fidelity's M1 Dac A, to transport music from my PC. I'm currently using an M-Audio delta 1010 lt soundcard, so I have the option of using RCA coax out.

The question is, should I use the soundcard's RCA SPDIF or the PC's USB?

If I use SPDIF woud the M1 be the master clock? If not can i change it in the ASIO so the M1 is the masterclock?

Another reason I'm asking about this is that I don't know if an expensive RCA cable would help, since the soundcard's connections don't look that great to me, so the cable might be pointless.

So should I go for USB or RCA SPDIF connection?



if anyone was following my speaker trek thread, I will update you on how the speaker demo went tomorrow

thanks, and have a nice night


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Jan 8, 2011
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The only way to find out is by trying both, initially with generic leads.

I suspect the USB will offer the best SQ.

The argument for cables having an effect is applicable in both cases :(


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hey, and thanks. unfortunately I already went to the shop, and, just to be on the safe side, i went for USB (as i read somewhere the toslink was brighter then the USB, and also the WHF review said the M1 can get a bit bright with weird system matching). That, coupled with the fact that I wanted to eliminate the unnecessary 10 cm of lower quality wire that the M-Audio had.

I'm just listening to it now, and I like it quite a bit. I also auditioned the Rega dac, but it sounded a bit too fuzzy for me. Now I'm burning my cables and the DAC in, and I already feel a big improvement with the stuff out of the box - sounstage, detail and image. Nice sounding piece of gear this dac ;)


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