Paradigms and Yamaha RXV661 AV Receiver


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Aug 10, 2019
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Does anybody have any views on the canadian company Paradigm? I'm thinking of getting the pair of Monitor 7 or 9 speakers. Either of those or the Monitor Audio BR5s.

Also, I noticed the Yamaha RXV661 was not included in the AV Receiver Group Test in which the Sony STR-DA1200ES won. How does the Yam compare?


Hi Mate

Got a marantz separates hi-fi at home Cd67se and pm7200 amp, with a set of paradigms mini monitors (mk2 or 3 i think) sound absolutely brilliant with lots of bass and treble but still enough mid range as well. Auditioned these up against a set of tanoys which what hi-fi gave 5 stars and only 3 to the paradigms and the paradigms trashed them all over. Paradigms are a great set of speakers had mine for around £250 at richer sounds Cardiff around 1999-2000. The only problem is richer sounds no longer stock the brand as one of their staff members said to me "their too expensive".

Hope this helps = got a Yamaha amp in the house for my surround sound system with a set of gale speakers. The amp is a RXV-350 only a budget one i know but works great and the sound is really good too. Never really rated sony for hi-fi thou sony's LCD tvs are great but have had some trouble with their audio products, may be just my bad luck!!


I'm running a Yamaha RX861 and a pair of the new Paradigm Titan Monitor and the sound is phenomenal for the money you pay. Highly recommended.


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