Panasonic VT20 or GT30


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi All,

I’m after some advice.

I am about to splash out on a new 46" TV and before making my mind up I could do with some guidance.

I was originally plumping for the GT30 model but notice that the older VT20 has the same spec (as far as I can see) but is a bit cheaper.

Can anyone please advise, is there a spec difference and/or does the GT30 justify the extra cost?

Any advice is appreciated.

Many thanks


I'd go for the GT30 personally, it's thinner and although have known to have some issues, it's not as wide spread as the VT20 range.


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Aug 31, 2010
Id go for the GT30,

i had a VT20 and now have a VT30, the VT20 had the following flaws which really bugged me

1) Floating blacks - if you google you'll see lots about it, but basically in dark scenes in movies like say the matrix the brightness levels would ramp up a couple of notches suddenly. It was due to the way the panel was driven - some never noticed it, but when i did it always annoyed me

2) 50Hz motion issues - they were more apparent on the vt20

3) 3d infared flooding - in 3d mood the tv blasted out a lot of IR so basically my sky remote wouldnt work when watching 3d.

The 50hz issues are still there with the 30's but they are a lot less apparent. Floating blacks are fixed as is the 3d IR flooding issue. In terms of absolute picture quality there probably isnt a lot in it - black levels etc would be comparible.. I have a 42Vt30 now, and i'm kinda regretting i didnt get a 46 GT30... the GT30 is meant to be very good, especially in a room with a little more light.. whereas the VT's really shine in a light controlled room..

Happy shopping!


Hey there, you have waited all this time, there's not much further to go now.

I'm wanting to buy a Panasonic TV this year. I'd advise you buy neither, or that at the very least wait for the GT/VT 30 series to drop in price due to the GT/VT 50 series being released.

Their VT50 series TV won a few awards at this years CES 2012. Their active 3D glasses will also be incompatible with their older sets, but should be built now to a more universal spec. They should be compatible with other brands, regarding active 3D sets built this year.

In case your wondering, there will be no ST/GT/VT 40 series. The number four is known to bring misfortune, according to Japanese culture.


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