panasonic tx37-lzd70 pal, ntsc ??


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am trying to find out if the panasonic will work in the USA or China using NTSC in addition to PAL in Europe. I have a TH42-PX700 and it notes on the Panasonic site that it works on all, however, the site does not reference NTSC for the 37lzd70 which I may buy. Given that I may take the TV's with me to either place in a couple of years, it would be good if the 37lzd70 would work there as well. Thank you.


Here is an extract from the user manual. under the section

Receiving Systems / Band Name

PAL I UHF E21-68

PAL 525/60 Playback of NTSC tape from some PAL VCR's or NTSC disk playback from DVD player and recorder

DVB Digital terrestrial services via UHF aerial input

M.NTSC Playback from M.NTSC Video recorders

NTSC (AV input only) Playback from NTSC Video recorders (VCR)

This all would imply that it will only support NTSC for DVD and Video records and not TV


Thank you. I checked the web for manuals on the set as well as my Th42-px700. Seems that they are both the same which looks like I will not be able to use the 42" Plasma in the States. This is disappointing as the spec info on the web suggested it handled NTSC and the dealer said as much. Now it seems it handles only for DVD's so guess I will sell whenever I leave the UK. Any other comments would be appreciated if someone knows that either of these sets will actually handle NTSC TV as possibly it is not mentioned in a UK manual since it does not matter.

I note the Toshiba's reference some sort of multi standard tuner which seems to cover PAL, NTSC and SECAM feeds for TV so I am not sure if all of their sets have this option as possibly it would get the Toshiba's back in play mainly from an ability to take to the USA or China perspective. Thank you.