Panasonic TX-P50GT30 or Samsung UE46D8000


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Aug 10, 2019
For the main living room the time has come to replace A Samsung PS42-C450 with something slightly more capable and I've narrowed the choices to the above.

For pic quality logic says the Panasonic (esp as I've been offer a mint ex-display with 5yrs warranty for £999) but the beauty of the D8000 doesn't go away but is it worth the extra £400 and loss of 4ins screen (and nearly 8ins of absolute size)

I'm sure I won't be disappointed with either of them but other than absolute picture quality is there anthing else the Panasonic has an an advantage ?

The other option is to sell the kids and go for the UE55D8000 but this sems to get worse reviews than the 46" version - is that reality or just subjective ?


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Nov 28, 2010
my samsung plasma died replaced with ue46d8000 and it was rubish dead pixels terrible motion blurring and backlight bleed went for the panasonic 50 gt30 and must say it is a fantastic tv this is my choice but at the end of the day its your decision plasmas dont suffer with motion blurring niether backlight bleed the samsung which is led will give you a more brighter and vivid picture but as i said the choice is yours

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
Hi k3lvc, I'd go for the Panasonic. It may lack the glamorous looks of the Samsung, but the extra screen size and excellent picture quality would swing it for me.


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