Panasonic TX-P46G20 versus TX-P50G20 for SD?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I sit at 2.8m fom my current Panasonic Plasma 37" HD Ready tv (almost 3 years old), which I have been delighted with.

I know there have been many threads on TV size and viewing distance, and I know that at 2.8m a 50" screen will be great for HD content for my situation (I have a Sky+HD box and Denon S-301 DVD player - plan to get Blu-Ray player soon).

However, the reality is that me and my wife still watch a lot of SD content despite always looking on Sky HD channels first, and that I have a very large DVD collection (SD with upscaling - still not HD). So, my question is if SD content will be much different between the 46 & 50 inch tv?

If there is a big difference for SD content, and assuming the 46" will provide a better picture, what can I use to upscale the Sky+HD SD channels to provide an acceptable PQ on the 50"? I am interested as I am looking to upgrade the whole system, so for example will the Denon 2310 upscale to a better SD picture quality than the Sky+HD box (Anchor Bay) and make it acceptable on the 50"? Any other options for upscaling SD content from the Sky+HD box (I know a lot of good Blu-Ray players do a decent job of upscaling DVD, so not such a big issue - shame they don't take an SD HDMI input and use the inbuilt technology to upscale other sources other than the onboard DVD).

I currently have the Sky+HD set to 1080i as I don't see any real difference on SD channels if I set it to Auto and let my current TV do the upscaling.

Opinions welcome.



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Apr 8, 2010
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Hi Paul,

I was in the same boat as you are far as "will SD pictures look better on a 46" compared to a 50 TV" about a month ago. I went along to my local Panasonic shop as they had a 50" G20 along side a 46" G20 which enabled me to compare the picture on both. I sat and watched them for a while, watching standard def from freesat, and in my opinion they both looked the same as far as SD picture quality goes. The biggest difference I found in picture quality was to switch the picture mode from Dynamic to THX mode and turn Intelligent Frame Creation off.

I ended up with a 46" as the 50" ended up being just too big to fit into the space we had planned.

Hope that helps




Thanks for the reply.

If you had the space, would you have chosen the 50"?

How far do you sit from the TV?



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