Panasonic TX-P37X10, a good choice for me?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello everybody,

I am currently in the market for a new tv. Now i stumbled upon the Panasonic TX-P37X10.
This tv is a plasma, it's 37" ,100 HZ and it's from Panasonic, all of which are great facts.
I think (and a lot of people with me) Plasma produces better colours than the current LCD tv's and when i choose
Plasma, Panasonic is a obvious choice. I've read the review of the Panasonic TX-P37X10 on this site and it's a great tv for the money.

The Panasonic TX-P37X10 is not Full HD, but i can live with that. Initially i wanted a 37" full HD tv,
but the tv's that have full hd and are 37 inches are not cheap, while the Panasonic TX-P37X10 can be mine for 450 pounds.
For the 37" full HD Tv's i have to pay in excess of 600 pounds and i am starting to doubt if that is worth the extra money.
Besides when i buy one of the 37" full HD tv's, i end up with LCD.

But i am slightly uncomfortable with the resolution of the Panasonic TX-P37X10, which is only 1024 x 720, by the looks of things
this is a very very low resolution, even my old 26" tv had a higher resolution (1366 x 768). I was wondering whether someone here can tell me if the low resolution is a big disadvantage. I have around 600 DVD's and not a single Blu-Ray, so i am only watching tv shows and DVD movies on it.


Hi, I got this tv about 8 months ago while waiting for the TX-P50V10 and I am very pleased with it. It is now in the back room and only used with ordinary DVD's but I have been very pleased with the picture. The black levels are good and motion tracking is good. The freeview tuner gives great pictures and all in all I think for that price you can't go wrong. The sound isn't great for movies and I would recommend useing a s-sound amp or like but over all a great tv imo.